17 April 2014


At last, it's almost Easter.  It feels like it's been a long time coming this year.  Partly because it's a late Easter but mostly because for us, it's right at the very end of the school holiday.

It has given us a chance to get the Easter tree sorted out in good time for once though.  I'm still very much enjoying the look of my fake branches from last year.  I got them from Dunelm Mill and they are not so authentic perhaps but they are certainly easier to deal with and to decorate.  My Hoppity rabbits are all strung up on the mantle too.  Their third outing so far and of course, the Huggie Bunnies are storing their treats, all ready for the weekend.

I thought I'd share a little of what we've been up to so far...


We're well into our second week now and we've managed to fit a lot in this time around.  My Little Ponies, Hama beading, gardening, days long games of Monopoly, swimming and the sun has meant some time outside too.  The park, assault courses in the garden and a new game, apparently called 'field dominoes'.  Which involves hiding our oversized foam outdoor dominoes around the garden and then hunting down a tile before you can take your turn.

Real Little Ponies

From the plastic play kind, to the real life kind, ponies have featured these holidays.  Little Miss has been for her first ride on a horse and she absolutely loved it.  It was kind of exciting for me too as it's something I did for a long time when I was young and enjoyed a lot.  She's been talking about the idea for a little while so this seemed a good time to try.

She was full of chatter about everything she'd done afterwards and immediately asked when she could go again.  So we've another ride lined up this week.  I don't know if it's something she'll want to stick at, but maybe the fact that Jessie is her favourite dress up costume is no coincidence!

A Plan Comes Together

My slowly progressing stars that I started last month, are now complete and the whole project is starting to come together at a rate of knots now that the more intricate part is done.  I'm now even further along than this photo shows and I am so in love with how the 'V' stitch part is looking.   It's coming out even better than I had imagined,  so I'm really enjoying working on this at the moment.

At Last

If you were here last summer you might just remember this Gypsy Shawl that I was working on in the summer holidays.  I promised a pattern would be coming and I know that some of you have been waiting so very patiently for me to get myself together and get the pattern out to you.  Well, I'm glad to say that the cogs have been whirring in the background and I'm almost at the point where this one is ready to go.

My plan is to get the Loopy Lou Poncho finalised and released and then it will be full steam ahead on putting the last touches to this one, ready to bring out next month if all goes well.

That's all from me for now.  If you are celebrating Easter, I hope you have a lovely one and if you are lucky enough to get some extra days off like we do here, then I hope you enjoy those too.

S x

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15 April 2014

Making me squeak!

 Excitement levels are running pretty high at my house at the moment.

A little package popped through my door the other day.  It had travelled all the way from America containing this magazine and it made me woop a little woop and dance a little jig.  Well, maybe not literally, but I definitely did squeak a bit.

The reason for my mouse impression was the realisation that what I held in my hands was a little bit of fantasy dreamland made real.  Because this magazine, good ladies and gentlemen (should there be any gentlemen reading) contains a step by step tutorial written by my very own self.  Can you believe it?

Look, here it is.  Printed on proper paper with pages that turn and everything.

Look, that's my little face and my actual name.  It's dream-like to see it, but don't pinch me, I don't want to wake up!

The tutorial shows you how to make a Casserole Cover, which you can adapt to suit your own dish size and I'm pretty pleased with how it came out.  It's a sort of cozy to keep the contents warm, perfect for transporting a warming treat to a friend or to take to a dinner party.

The magazine, Hobby Farm Home is only available in American as far as I'm aware and so if you live in that land of plenty and would like to make your own cover, you can pick up a copy of the May/June issue in the shops now.

For those of you in other parts of the world, I don't think the magazine is available online unfortunately, but the good news is you don't have to miss out entirely.  I also made a little pot holder to match the casserole cover and the instructions to make that are online.

I hope you enjoy the tutorials if you try them, in the meantime, I'm going to go and see if I can calm down.  Excited jigs take it out of you!

S x

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11 April 2014

Little Loopy Lou

People, you are awesome!  That's all there is to it.

I was filled with quite a bit of trepidation when I published about my last post, about my plans for Crochet Corner.  I thought about not publishing it a couple of times actually, because I feared you'd all think I'd lost my mind or I don't know what, was just being too blooming ambitious I suppose.  

But you were wonderful and supportive and fabulous, as you always are, and I am so glad you took the time to send me your encouragement and enthusiasm.  Thank you, I really appreciate it.

It's the first week of our two week Easter holiday here, so not a lot has happened on the crafty front this week.  We've been busy doing other things but the sun has shown it's face and allowed me to get a few shots of my second Loopy Lou Poncho.

I'd decided to make a second one for Madam, partly because this is the first pattern I've made in different sizes and I wanted to test out my calculations on a little girl version and partly because, well, she asked for one.

She wanted the same pink but we decided to use use some different contrasting colours in hers for a younger feel and also because it had to have purple in it, because that's her favourite.  I just used some stashed Stylecraft for the pink and lilac and the blue was some duck egg colour I had left from ages ago.

The size turned out well I'm glad to say and I think all that brain busting number wrangling that went on when writing the pattern has actually worked out more or less ok.  The pattern is with the testers at the moment, and they are doing wonderful work ironing out the chinks.  So hopefully this little pattern will be ready quite soon.

My model quite got into the spirit of posing after a while, she does love something she can spin in, and the poncho is proving useful to throw on and throw off again on these changeable spring days too, so we're both happy with that.


Pattern:  On it's way...

Hook:  4.5mm (G/H)

Debbie Bliss Rialto Aran - Rose
Stylecraft Special DK - Raspberry & Lavender
Knitshop Simple Wool - Robin Egg Blue

S x

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08 April 2014

Lost: One Plot...

...If found return to me at Cherry Heart.

You know I mentioned a while back that I had a certain little something up my sleeve that crocheters might enjoy?  Well it turns out it might be quite a big something.   Maybe even a huge, massive, bite-off-more-than I-can-chew,  what-have-I-gotten-myself-into something actually.

You might have also noticed that there's a link up on my menu bar at the top there that says 'Crochet Corner' but doesn't actually go anywhere very exciting just yet?

Well the two things are connected.  They are to do with a plan I've been hatching for a good few months now and is sort of top of my To-Do list for this year.  For the last few years, I've set myself a little challenge for the year, a something to focus on and to motivate me.  That's the idea anyway.

 In 2011 I started this blog (properly - not much had happened before).  In 2012 I worked on the Pretty Crafty Home Project, a few of you might even remember it if you were around way back then.  In 2013 I wanted to try and get some of my patterns written up and published.  So here we are in 2014 and this year my plan is to work on getting Cherry Heart's Crochet Corner up and running.

'Yes, yes, but what is it?' I hear you cry!

It started out with me wanting to do a few more crochet tutorials.  Maybe a few simple ones to cover the basic stitches.  Then I started thinking, if I had tutorials for quite a few stitches, that would be nice.  It'd be handy too, for people to refer to when using my patterns.

Then I started thinking of topics I could cover to help beginner crocheters out.  The different ways to join a new yarn colour perhaps and what to do with all those ends that are left hanging out of the back of your work.  Then I thought of the questions people sometimes ask me, like how do I make my granny squares and how do I keep them nice and straight?

The more I thought about it, the more and more ideas I had and the more excited I got.  My plans for a few tutorials seem to have turned into a scheme for a brand new spin-off site packed with crochet information, tips, techniques and patterns.  Umm, I think I got a little carried away!

I've made a start though.  I'm working on a Stitch Directory at the moment.  A kind of reference guide to all the crochet stitches is the plan.  A go to place for when you can't remember the difference between a bobble and a popcorn.  It's going quite well but I'm starting to realise just how crazy this 'little' scheme of mine is and wondering why on earth it is I can't ever keep things on a small and manageable scale?

It's quite not ready to reveal to the world just yet and who knows if I've ever be able to fill it with half the things I want to.  But, I've taken the first step.

So, apart from the fact I've obviously lost my mind, what do you think?

S x

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