Blog Hop

Today I'd like you to come and Blog Hop with me.

What is a blog hop?  Well, it's a little 'getting to know you' type exercise for blogs and bloggers.  I was contacted by the sweet Jenny of 'I am Simply Hooked' who asked if she could link up with me and send some of her readers hopping along to visit with me here.  In return, could I link up to a few more blogs so my readers could  go hopping along to visit them too?  

A good way to share some blog love around the place and a good way for you to come across some new blogs that you might not have found yet, which is always a fun thing to do.

Before I introduce you to my fellow 'hoppers' there's a few little blog hop questions to tell any new visitors a little bit about me and what goes on around here.  So a big warm hello to any of Jenny's readers who are here today.  

Hopefully though, it'll still be interesting for those of you who are a little more regular on the scene too...

What am I working on?

Don't hate me but...

I'm actually just putting the finishing touches to my second Christmas Tree Skirt.  I know, I know!

You see I needed to work the kinks out of the pattern and I wanted to get everything straight with it so that it could be ready in good time for, I won't say it again, but you know, that event at the end of the year.  And of course, so many of us make gifts too so I don't want to release it at the last minute either.  So yes, I'm scandalously early but, can you forgive me?

How does my work differ from others of it's genre?

Humm, I'm not sure I know the answer to this one.  It seems to me a question closely linked to the 'what's your style?' type question which I always struggle with.  My default style setting is 'magpie'.  One day I see a certain style, it is shiny and bright.  I like it and want it so I use that style.  The next day though, there is a new one...  I flit from one thing to the next, I'm always diverted by something new.  Can you have your own style if you are like that?

In a way though, I think a style of sorts is starting to emerge from amongst all that.  My Giant Granny Patches blanket I think is quite Cherry Heart-ish.  As is my Blossoming Bag (pictured below), which is from a quite similar set of colours and when I tried to work another style recently, it most definitely morphed from the style I was trying to emulate into being something distinctly more 'me' shall we say.  That's the blanket in the picture above.  You can read all about that adventure in my Colour Theory Blanket post, if you'd like to.

Some of you have been kind enough to say before now when this has come up, that you do think that this little place and my crafty things do have a distinct style of their own, a Cherry Heart style maybe?
To me, that's a lovely thought indeed.

Why do I create what I do?

Mostly because I want to know if I can.  There is often things I make because I like them and want them.  There are some things I make just for the joy of making them.  More often than either of those reasons though it's because an idea pops into my head and I want to see if I can make it come into reality.  How will each part be constructed, how will they work together?  Which would be the best, or simplest, or neatest way to achieve whatever it is?  It's a puzzle to be solved.

How does my creating process work?

I usually get a picture.  A colour, an image, a pattern, something will spark an idea and give me an image in my minds eye.  Sometimes it practically fully formed like Boho Stars, sometimes is much more vague and I just try things and see how it pans out, like Loopy Lou.  Then it's just a case of throw yourself in and see how it goes.  Swatching happens, crossing out happens and sometimes crochet maths has to happen and then my little brain gets all hot and bothered.  But most importantly you get to play with yarn and colour so it's all worth it in the end!

Now it's time to meet my blogging friends...

Both of these blogs are wonderful and ones that I can heartily recommend.  I've been reading them for yonks myself and they are written by two lovely ladies who I know will make you feel right at home the minute you step through their virtual doors.

I hope you'll hop along to see them...

Hello.  My name is Heather.
I am in my extremely early forties and a happily married mother of two, with a constant spaniel-shaped shadow.  My blog is my very own corner of the internet where I can drape as much crocheted bunting as I please.

You're most welcome to join me in my potter through life just as long as you're happy to pause at the pretty bits.  Do excuse the cheese and Marmite toastie crumbs …

Being creative and making things is something I need to do to stay centred and happy.  Blogging about my creative endeavours is another dimension to this and a fun way of recording my makes. I love to take pretty pictures and to pass on any helpful tips and tricks that others can use in their crafting quests.

Connecting with other like minded peeps and making friends through blogging platforms is an unexpected cherry-on-the-top of this happy and fun thing to do!!

S x


It is great to get to know more about you and how you work. I don't know how I would describe your style, but you do have one and it is a great style indeed! xx
What a great posting! I know neither of these two bloggers and am looking forward to be reading their blogs. Your colour choices are most definitely unique Sandra and very much part of your style!
Lovely to read a little more about how you do your thing Sandra :D
love your work and it's nice to get to know you a little more!!!! Have a fab day!!!!
AMarie xxx
Really love seeing what you're working on and enjoying this blog hop!
Great post about you and your creative style. It is your own style and I call it Cherry-Heart style! It's your designs, your color and yarn choices and your own distinctive embellishments that make it YOU....which I so love! Thank you for sharing your talent with all of us.

I visited the other 2 bloggers and I think I follow them too. LOL!
So nice to blog hop with you!
Yes, you do have a style and a very lovely one. That giant granny patches blanket feels like you and so does that adorable Blossoming bag!
lol! No I don’t know how to describe it either! Thank you though ;)

Sandra x
Thanks, so glad you liked it and I hope you enjoy rather and Sam’s blogs - I’m sure you will! :)

Sandra x
Thanks Annie :)

Sandra x
Thank you so much Martina!

Sandra x
lol! Aww, thanks Sandra, you are a sweetie! :)

Sandra x
Thank you! I thought those ones are the most sort of Cherry Heart-ish, whatever that is! ;)
Sandra x
A lovely post. You do have a very distinct style of your own I think. One of the reasons I enjoy your blog so much is you are really good at pulling together lots of styles (like floral, country, vintage, feminine) in a way which feels fresh and clean, never too fussy. Your use of colour is always spot on and your love of making is evident in every post. I am often in awe, wondering if one day I'll be as accomplished as my lovely blogging friend Sandra!

Thanks for the links to the other bloggers - I too love Heather's blog but I don't know Betsy Makes so I'll go and say hello. x
Love Blog Hops and love seeing your beautiful Tree Skirt. I am now a follower of yours. :0)
It's nice to know a little more about you .. And I love what you made ​​... Cil ;)
Thank you so much!

Sandra x
Thanks so much Cindy and it’s lovely to have you following now! :)

Sandra x
i love the colour of your christmas tree skirt! i've been thinking about christmas crafts too, i thought I was the only batty one starting so early :p I loved this post!
Sandra, is there a pattern for that divine diamond blanket pictured above? I would like to make a new blanket for Baby and keep coming back to that beautiful picture! Thank you :D
There’s no pattern as such, but it’s just a blanket made up of solid granny squares (the link is for my tutorial for them) and then I just sewed them together on the diagonal, rather than just as a usual rectangle, if that makes sense! I hope that helps. :)

Sandra x
I just happened across you blog today while on Pinterest and I think that your projects are beautiful! I've just recently started blogging and you are definitely an inspiration. :)
Hi Courtney,

Thanks so much for visiting, it’s lovely to have you here and I’m so glad you like my little blog! :) Good luck with yours too!

Sandra x