I'm Sandra and am a wife to a kind and generous husband and a Mummy to one darling Little Miss.  I live in a lovely village in Bedfordshire and spend my days 'playing' house just like Anne from the Famous Five used to do. Only my adventures are in crafting.

After a childhood filled with many happy hours of drawing, sticking, making and the odd piece of knitting or sewing, I suppose it should really come as no surprise that once the (slighter) faster paced years were through, I found my creative side waiting for me again.  It felt like coming home.

My first loves now are knitting, crochet and thinking up new yarny ideas. I've fallen in love with sewing and like quilting too.  I embroider a bit, weave occasionally, bake sometimes and don't read as much as I used to, although I do love to listen to a good audio-book.

So, whenever I'm not looking after my daughter and husband or keeping the house and garden in order, you'll find me busy writing patterns, working on this blog or dreaming up new tutorials for Crochet Corner.  But mostly, even when I should be doing those things, I'm crafting.

S x

A few other things you might like to know...

For many years I relied on my trusty Canon EOS 450D which served me well but now I use a Canon EOS 70D mostly with the 18-55mm lens it came with but I also have a EF 50 mm fixed lens.

I created all my own sites. I'm no great web expert but it does satisfy my old graphic design aspirations.

You can find a useful list of blogs I likes to read and places where I buy supplies here.

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